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Articles that engage, educate, and entertain through analogies, analytics, and … occasionally, pirates!

Yet Another Lesson From “The Nation’s Fastest Growing Sport”

It took three seasons but Paul Rabil finally delivered on meaningful statistics in the sport of Professional Lacrosse (and in fairness, did last season count?). It has been less than three years since I wrote my first article.

In that article, I asked:

Will the MLL fail now that the PLL is here?

The answer to that was YES. The MLL was absorbed into the PLL this year.

It was just a little over a year after my second article that Rabil shared out the gem of an infographic above. …

Constraints, Poor Expectations, Trade Offs, Order Of Operations, and Feedback Loops

Netflix describes their 2020 Anime adaptation as “An aimless gamer and his two friends find themselves in a parallel Tokyo, where they’re forced to compete in a series of sadistic games to survive.” I would call it “just another day in the world of data & analytics” … metaphorically speaking, of course.

The games of Alice In Borderland are one of the primary plot points. Many games are shown in Season One’s first eight episodes. They are associated with playing deck cards with each suit representing a theme and the number representing the difficulty. …

Freeform Anthology Or Not… There Is A Lot To Learn Here

Don’t break your back creating a lesson, Morty. It’s a freeform anthology. I’m getting annoyed you’re not hearing that. — Rick Sanchez

At the risk of annoying Rick, there is a lot you can learn from his freeform anthology. Each little story is packed with examples of analytic principles.

No One Is Saying Them … But They Really Should Be

There are two words you rarely hear mentioned in the halls of business analytics. One starts with a C and ends with a T. The other starts with an F and ends with K. Most analysts won’t mention them…

Because What We All Really Need Is More #PopularScience

Recently, I shared an article on Facebook. I was rewarded with that lovely (Fact-Check) tag above. A bit odd, I thought, given that I hadn’t shared a Breitbart article (not the sort of thing I would share) AND I had checked the validity of the article myself. I had literally clicked on every link and checked every data source. I do that … for fun … I know.

In fairness, this wasn’t a case study. Yes, I also read those often. This was a pdf — more of an “analytics deck”. …

Note — the image above comes from

Years back I wrote an article detailing experiences I had with early interships. These included both those I had and those I managed. It was a solid article that you can get to via the link in the subtitle. I won’t repeat myself. I will also never say that any internship is a bad thing. But there are good internships and great ones, this is about the latter.

Hollywood Seems To Struggle With It

As is often the case, this article sits at cross roads of two topics on my mind. The first was — I should write a Creative Analytics article about Cobra Kai. That show rocks! I still may…

The second was my recent commitment to revist my earliest articles, now over five years old. You may have read this one:

Few People Train At All — But That Is A Huge Advantage For The Rest Of Us

Five years ago, I asked the question:

Are you training hard enough?

Early this morning, thousands of aspiring professionals climbed out of bed and began a day of rigorous training. Some trained individually, others with coaches and trainers, and many at high-tech centers using advanced analytics. Their techniques were inspired or guided by decades of research, experimentation, and study.

Through this dedication, a small few will one day command million dollar contracts and endorsement, but most aspire to far less. …

Let Me Rant A Second Time

I wrote two years ago about the final straw but recent events have broken the proverbial camel’s back. At a time when good science is more important than ever (that is the storyline, right?), comes an article that is neither unexpected nor very reassuring.

The naive and cognitively biased will take my earlier article and this latest in as political hit pieces. That is the nature of cognitive bias after all — it fools us in to believing what we want. It is the bane and should be the mortal enemy of any worthwhile analyst or scientist. …

…But also The Better and The Best

Often when popular media inspire an article, I put it in Creative Analytics. Those articles are lighter and more inspirational. This one is a bit deeper, if only in that it calls out something far too many people lose sight of. In other words — the movie is a hook. The lesson is more critical.

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